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Xtreme FLUSH

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Xtreme Flush.

Oil additive for cleaning the oil system of diesel engines with decarbonization effect for truck diesel engines. Contains the REVITALIZANT®.

  • Thoroughly cleans the engine oil system
  • Removes deposits, coke residue and sludge
  • Restores the mobility of the piston rings
  • Thanks to the REVITALIZANT®, it protects the engine

Xtreme FLUSH is an engine oil additive designed to clean the oil system of truck diesel engines. Contains efficient cleaning components and the REVITALIZANT®. Thanks to the cleaning components, it easily dissolves any dirt and cleans the oil system to the level of technical cleanliness; removes coke deposits from grooves and restores the mobility of the piston rings. During the flushing, the REVITALIZANT® creates an anti-wear coating on the surfaces of the engine parts.

Detailed specifications


Add the agent to the oil system of the engine brought up to operating temperature.

If the engine is very dirty, for intensive cleaning of the oil system and for decarbonisation of the piston rings: drive 150-200 km in normal operation.

With regular use: Let the engine idle for 10-15 minutes or drive 20 km.

Change the engine oil.



  • Compatible with all types of motor oils. Harmless to turbocharger units.
  • Recommended for regular use at every oil change. Intensive cleaning is also recommended during the first use of the product, as well as in the event of engine overheating, irregular oil change intervals or use of inferior fuel.


500 ml of the product for 35-45 L of engine oil.


Blechdose 500 ml XA 42301

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