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Xtreme Economy

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Additive that promotes fuel savings.

  • Lowers the friction losses in the cylinder-piston group during engine operation
  • Ensures a long-term effect thanks to the storage of friction modifiers

Detailed specifications



  • Additive to diesel fuel suitable for better fuel economy in heavy-duty truck engines
  • The product formula contains friction modifiers and highly efficient cleaning additives. These modifiers lower the coefficient of friction and friction losses between the cylinder wall and the piston as it moves up and down during engine operation
  • Additional fuel savings come from the accumulation of friction modifiers and the action of cleaning additives that clean the injectors from deposits and dirt and increase the efficiency of fuel atomization in the combustion chamber


Application Notes:

Add the necessary quantity of the agent to the fuel tank before refuelling.


500 ml of the agent for 1,000 L of diesel fuel.


  • Continuous use with each tank is recommended for better effect
  • Keeps the engine fuel system clean and cleans the EGR system valve
  • Harmless to diesel particulate filters, exhaust and SCR catalytic converters

Increases the lubricating properties of diesel fuel and protects the fuel system when using low-sulphur fuels.


Blechdose 500 ml, art ХА 40278

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