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XADO diesel antifreeze - defroster antifreeze flow improver diesel additive for engines

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XADO Diesel Antifreeze - Defroster Antirfrost Flow improver Diesel additive for the engine

Winter fuel additive for diesel engines.

Contains the REVITALIZANT® nano component.

Means for improving the low-temperature properties of diesel fuel.

Highly efficient pour point depressant additive. Suitable for all types of diesel fuel.

  • Lowers* the pour point of summer diesel from –10 °С to –22 °С, winter diesel from –35 °С to –47 °С
  • Can be universally used for all types of diesel engine injection systems, including common rail and unit injectors
  • Contains the cetane number modifier, optimizes fuel combustion through more optimal injection, reduces fuel consumption
  • Thanks to the REVITALIZANT®, the product also protects the pistons of the high-pressure pump from wear and seizing when moisture penetrates the fuel

Detailed specifications


Add the agent brought to the temperature of +20…25 °С to the liquid (not frozen, transparent) fuel in the ratio 1:1,000.




500 ml of Xtreme Antigel for 500 L of fuel.


Blechdose 500 ml, art ХА 42002

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