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XADO engine oil 10W60 - 4-stroke 4T MA - four-stroke oil 10W-60 engine oil

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XADO engine oil 10W60 - 4-stroke 4T MA - four-stroke oil 10W-60 engine oil

High-quality, synthetic motor oil for four-stroke engines in motorized equipment. Contains atomic Revitalizant®.

  • Specially developed for the engines of motorcycles that are driven at top speeds
  • It is very well suited for high-performance engines of sports motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles (ATV - all terrain vehicle) with high speeds
  • Thanks to a highly viscous formula, it forms a robust oil film and withstands extreme dynamic loads in motorsport
  • Is efficient during prolonged thermal overloads and operation of the engine in the high speed range
  • Has the lowest possible oil consumption thanks to minimal evaporation losses
  • Enables particularly easy gear shifting and stable characteristics of the clutch of components in the oil bath
  • Balances compression and increases engine power

Specifications and Technologies

Meets the requirements of the following specifications:

Detailed specifications

Technical information*

Density at 20 °C, kg/l 0,856
Viscosity at 100°C, mm²/s 25,8
Viscosity at 40°C, mm²/s 179,0
viscosity index 170
Flash point, °C 222
sulfated ash, weight % 1,0
* typical values


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