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XADO engine oil 10W40 SN - engine oil

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XADO engine oil 10W40 SN - engine oil

Semi-synthetic 10W-40 engine oil of the latest generation. Contains atomic REVITALIZANT®. The product is used for petrol and diesel engines of passenger cars and small trucks.

  • Developed for modern (produced after 2010) European and American cars that need oils with the highest operational properties
  • Possesses the highest American specification for oils for gasoline engines in passenger cars - API SN
  • Reliably protects engines with high specific power, including multi-valve engines, engines with turbochargers, intercooling of intake air, direct injection
  • Ensures reliable lubrication and protection of the engine in continuous loaded modes of operation (motorway driving at maximum speed, load transport)
  • Effective in dynamic operating modes (frequent acceleration and deceleration during city driving)
  • Maintains consistently high operating characteristics with extended drain intervals

Specifications and Technologies

Meets the requirements of the following specifications:
THAT A3/B4  
Meets the requirements of approvals from the following car manufacturers:
VW 502.00/505.00 MB 229.3
Renault RN 0700  

Detailed specifications

Technical information*

Density at 20 °C, kg/l 0,862
Viscosity at 100°C, mm²/s 14,7
Viscosity at 40°C, mm²/s 118.2
Viscosity at -20 °C, mPa s <7000
viscosity index <162
Flash point, °C <200
pour point, °C <–36
sulfated ash, weight % 1,2
* typical values


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EURO drum 200 L, art XA 20770

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