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XADO EX120 for power steering and hydraulic systems - Revitalizant

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XADO EX120 Additives for power steering and hydraulic systems - Revitalizant

Reinforced REVITALIZANT® Extreme Action 120% (EX120) is intended for restorative repair and anti-wear protection of power steering and other hydraulic systems. Extreme Action 120% regenerates worn metal surfaces, removing scratches and wear damage caused by excessive heat and friction. The agent forms a self-regulating metal-ceramic coating on the treated parts and protects the engine from renewed wear. One application is enough for 100,000 kilometers.

  • Eliminates pump whine caused by wear
  • Reduces steering effort
  • Improves pump performance
  • Increases pump life
  • Reduces hydraulic pump noise and vibration
  • Protects the mechanism from wear when the oil level is low

Detailed specifications


  1. Dissolve the required amount of product in advance in about 30–50 ml of hydraulic fluid heated to at least +35 °С. ATTENTION! It is recommended to CHANGE the hydraulic fluid in the power steering reservoir and then drive at least 200 km before using the product if:
    – the liquid is contaminated (opaque, changed colour, etc.) is;
    – the fluid has been used for more than 40,000 km (or more than 3 years) or its service life is unknown.
  2. Pour the mixture into the heated fluid in the power steering reservoir.
  3. After 2-3 minutes, turn the steering wheel back and forth for 5 minutes with the engine running.
  4. Drive the vehicle in normal operation.

The treatment is considered complete after driving 1,500 kilometers.

Volume of the system, L number of syringes, St. treatment regimen
1-2 1 once
2-5 2 once
5-8 3 once



Typical signs of the REVITALIZATION® taking effect are improved operating properties of the steering mechanism (reduction in steering effort, improved steering accuracy, noise reduction) after just the first kilometers driven after the treatment. The protective metal-ceramic coating forms on every working mechanism. However, mechanical parts that have become so worn that they are no longer functional must be replaced. In this case, treatment is no longer possible.


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