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XADO Cetane Booster - Energy Drive for Diesel Engines - Atomеx

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XADO Cetane Booster - Energy Drive for Diesel Engines - AtomEx

Means for increasing the power of diesel engines.

  • Increases the fuel's energy output
  • Improves acceleration dynamics

In dynamic operation or sporty driving, aspects such as lightning-fast acceleration, maximum torque and engine power reserve are of the utmost importance.

Solution: Applying a fuel additive that improves the fuel's energy output and combustion efficiency. The active components of the additive are chemical modifiers, which improve the dynamic processes of fuel ignition and combustion.

Thanks to the special properties, AtomEx Energy Drive:

  • ensures lightning-fast engine starts due to improved fuel ignition
  • increases engine performance thanks to more intensive combustion and increased energy output
  • reduces start-up time (spin-up time)
  • increases engine power; it is particularly noticeable during sudden acceleration
  • eliminates the effect of the "cold engine"

Detailed specifications


Pour the agent into the fuel tank before refuelling.



The solution is compatible with all brands of diesel fuel, harmless to diesel particulate filters, catalytic converters, valves and turbocharging elements.

It is recommended to use the product every time you fill up.


250 ml solution for 40-60 L fuel.


Bottle 250 ml, art XA 40513

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