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VitaFlush - Oil system cleaner / hydraulic valve lifter additive (universal)

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VitaFlush - Oil system cleaner (universal).

  • Restoring the operational properties of the oil and compression rings
  • Elimination of the effect of sticking of the hydraulic valve lifter
  • Restoration and protection against wear of the friction parts
  • Stabilization of oil pump characteristics (increase in oil pressure)
  • Cleaning the crankcase ventilation system
  • Increase in engine power

Detailed specifications


  1. Pour the required amount of VitaFlush into the heated mechanism through the oil filler neck
  2. Start the engine and let it idle for 10-15 minutes or drive the car 20 km. If intensive rinsing is necessary (heavy soiling), drive the car 200-300 km.
  3. Change the oil and the oil filter



VitaFlush With regular use In case of heavy soiling
Intense cleaner 1 bag / 1 L oil 2 bags / 1.5L oil
cleanser 60 ml / 1 L Pour 100 ml / 1 L Spoon


Blechdose  250 ml, art XA 40201

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