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XADO EX120 Gear Wear Protection - Oil additive for automatic transmissions

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XADO EX120 Additive Gear Wear Protection - Oil additive for automatic transmissions

The product contains Revitalizant Additive and is intended for wear protection and restoration repair of semi-automatic and automatic transmissions. During operation, the REVITALIZANT® in the gearbox forms a metal-ceramic protective coating on the surfaces of its metal parts (gears, bearings, distributors, clutches). As a result, the geometry of the components is restored. The product can be used universally for all types of automatic and semi-automatic transmissions, including Tiptronic®, Steptronic®, CVT, DSG and others.

  • Restores the metallic friction parts and protects them from wear
  • Fixes surface defects
  • Increases operational safety and extends the service life of the control systems
  • Dampen extreme loads
  • Protects the components from wear when the oil level is low

Noises in the gearbox?

  • XADO EX120 reduces noise in the transmission / automatic transmission

Transmission does not shift properly?

  • XADO EX120 allows switching operations to run smoothly again

Avoid gearbox repair?

  • XADO EX120 forms a metal-ceramic protective layer

XADO EX 120 is suitable for all automatic transmissions: Audi / VW Tiptronic / BMW Steptronic / Mercedes Automatic / CVT etc.

Detailed specifications


Pour the required amount of revitalizant into the oil filler neck (oil dipstick hole) of the transmission. Drive the car in normal operation mode. The revitalization is considered completed after 50 hours of operation of the mechanism (1500 km of travel).

Oil system volume, L number of syringes, St. treatment regimen
5-8 1 once
9-12 2 once
13-15 3 once



A typical sign of the beginning of revitalization is an improvement in the operation of the automatic transmission (reduction in noise, improvement in the smoothness of gear shifting) from the very first kilometers of running after the treatment. The revitalizant is compatible with all types of automatic transmission fluids: Dexron®, Mercon®, Mopar ATF®, CVT®. It does not enter into any chemical reactions with them and does not cause changes in their viscous and frictional behavior, as well as in other physical and chemical properties.

Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the packaging. Avoid release to the environment - obtain special instructions Consult safety data sheet. Safety data sheet available for professional user on request.


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