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Metallconditioner TURBO

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Metallconditioner TURBO.

Turbo metal conditioner is a product of modern nanotechnology and is intended for comprehensive protection and restoration of friction assemblies of various engines, including turbocharged engines (that's why the product received the additional name "TURBO"). Each individual droplet of TURBO metal conditioner contains billions of deposits formed by halogen-reinforced C60 carbon and aliphatic hydrocarbon molecules.

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Regular use of the metal conditioner TURBO ensures:

  • Increase in engine power
  • increase in compression
  • Reduction of noise and vibration
  • Improving the dynamic properties of the car
  • Reduction in fuel consumption
  • Protection of the engine against wear
  • Facilitating the "cold start"
  • Reduction of harmful emissions
  • Ensuring engine operation even in the event of a complete loss of oil

Detaillierte Spezifikationen


The round polyatomic C60 molecule is called FULLEREN (in honor of the famous American architect B. Fuller, who suggested building openwork dome-shaped constructions from pentagons and hexagons). The existence of such molecules was predicted as late as the 1970s, but they were discovered only in 1985. And as early as 1996, the discovery of fullerenes was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Since then, these worm molecules have been used in many areas of science and technology. This also applies to tribology (it's a lesson about friction): this beautiful and unique molecule turned out to be a perfect sphere! Such globules in the lubricant completely exclude friction during sliding. Friction when sliding is always converted into friction when rolling, which means that the coefficient of friction becomes a thousand times lower. And when this parasitic friction reduces, so does wear. We managed to stop the aging of the mechanisms! Fullerenes outperform diamonds in terms of density and hardness, which means that the C60 molecule can withstand enormous loads.

In addition, metal conditioner TURBO contains a carefully thought-out package of chemical compounds, which allows the maximum possible implementation of the principle of wear-free friction and repair of assemblies and mechanisms without their disassembly thanks to wear compensation. Superficially and chemically active substances specially introduced into the TURBO formula allow fullerenes to remain on the friction surfaces in the zones of the highest loads. This allows smoothing out roughness, improving the tribological properties of friction assemblies, eliminating noise and vibrations. And finally, metal conditioner TURBO improves the properties of motor oil itself thanks to the balanced complex of antioxidant, anti-corrosive, extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. The product extends the life of the oil and prevents premature aging.


  • Pour 1 bottle (125 ml) for 3-5 L engine oil into the oil filler hole of the warmed up engine. Optimal concentration - 3 of oil volume. Allowed overdosing up to 50 (i.e. up to 4.5 of the oil volume)
  • The solution has gentle cleaning properties that promote decoking of the rings.
  • In order to achieve the maximum effect, the product should be used regularly with every oil change.
  • Increase in resistance to engine wear from two to four times and run at least 300,000 km without major overhaul are provided (on condition of regular use from running-in).


Plastic bottle 125 ml, item XB 40060

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