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Diesel Additive - F8 Complex Formula (Diesel). Additive to protect diesel engines

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Diesel Additive - F8 Complex Formula (Diesel). Additive to protect diesel engines.

Means of protecting the diesel engine against the consequences of using low-quality fuel

  • When using the reference fuel, it ensures engine operation as if it were running on sporty diesel fuel
  • Reliably protects the fuel system when using fuel of unsafe quality

Even a single fill-up of poor-quality fuel can cause operational instability, engine start-up failure, fuel system clogging, reduced performance, and increased fuel consumption. In individual cases, this also leads to the high-pressure pump being switched off and the diesel particle filter (catalytic converter) becoming clogged.

Solution: Use of the remedy that eliminates the negative consequences of using low-quality fuel.

Refueling with unclean fuel and possible water ingress can cause the high-pressure pump to collapse (“seizing”).

Solution: the average revitalizant reliably protects the components of the fuel system, the pump and the plungers against wear.

Detailed specifications


Thanks to the special properties, AtomEx F8 Complex Formula:

  • Ensures smooth and efficient operation of the engine with fuel of any quality
  • Reliably protects the fuel system in case of accidental refueling
  • Effectively cleans all elements of the fuel system
  • Increases fuel quality
  • Displaces the moisture from the diesel fuel
  • Helps save fuel
  • Protects the diesel particulate filter from premature decommissioning

Thanks to the revitalizing, AtomEx F8 Complex Formula:

  • Forms a solid anti-wear coating on its components, especially during operation of the fuel system
  • Restores pump delivery* to target levels and improves fuel injection
  • Protects the pump plunger when using inferior fuel
  • Increases the operational safety and service life of the system elements


Pour the agent into the fuel tank before refuelling.


The solution is compatible with all brands of diesel fuel, harmless to diesel particulate filters, catalytic converters and valves.

Use the product if necessary. It can be used every time you fill up.


250 ml solution for 40-60 L fuel.


Bottle 250 ml, art XA 40213

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