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XADO - Tire Sealant Sealant for tires - AtomEx

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XADO tire sealant - sealant for sealing tires 

For sealing tires with or without tubes, on steel or cast rims. For use on passenger car and light truck tires.

  • Seals the tire in the event of pressure loss within 1 minute
  • The balancing of the wheels is not affected
  • Leaks are reliably sealed
  • No freezing in frost or cold weather

Detailed specifications


Instructions for use:

Possibly. remove objects stuck in the tire. Spin the wheel until the puncture point is on the underside and deflate the tire until the rim touches the ground. The temperature of the sealant must not be less than +15 °C. Never heat the container over an open flame! Shake the container vigorously. Screw the connector of the plastic hose of the container firmly onto the valve of the tyre. Hold the container with the cap down. Remove the protective cap cap, press and hold the cap at the same time. Pour the contents of the container completely into the tire. Immediately after that drive 1-2 km at the speed not exceeding 20 km/h. Then drive to the nearest service station at a speed of no more than 60 km/h and have the tire repaired.



The agent should not be used to seal tires with a low filling volume, such as moped or bicycle tires or similar, as the risk of damage to the tires due to excessive pressure cannot be ruled out.

The agent cannot be used in the event of pressure loss due to a defective valve or a defective tire bead (on the rim rim).


Combination of organic solvents, carboxylic acid, adhesion additives, hydrocarbon propellant.


Spray can 500 ml, item no. XA 40040

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