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XADO Engine - Wear Protection Oil Additive - AMC New Car

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XADO Engine - Wear Protection Oil Additive - AMC New Car

Ensures precise local adjustment of parts during break-in and the highest degree of engine protection in a new car (with a mileage under 20,000 km).

Innovative 3-component* additives of the latest generation combine the advantages of the two-phase metal conditioner and the Revitalizant®. The advantage of the metal conditioner with Revitalizant® is the long-term effect: the metal-ceramic coating formed thanks to the Revitalizant® protects the parts even after the oil change.

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  • Guarantees efficient engine break-in (with minimal loss of metal in minimal time).
  • Compensates for wear and tear on engine parts
  • Forms active protection of parts against overload and overheating
  • Improves the lubricating properties of engine oil and the tribological parameters of engine parts
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Increases engine performance and improves driving dynamics
  • Reduces noise levels and vibrations
  • Extends engine life
  • Effectively protects the engine against wear

Based on the information obtained as a result of using the product

Detailed specifications


  • Shake the bottle
  • Pour the contents into the oil filler neck of the engine brought up to operating temperature
  • Start the engine and let it idle for approx. Let run 3-5 minutes

Caution! Not intended for use in internal combustion engines with a special hardening coating on the cylinders (ALUSIL, LOKASIL, NIKASIL, GALNIKAL) because the material required to form a stable metal-ceramic layer is missing.


  • RF=100
  • RF (Revitalization Factor) – efficiency coefficient of restoration and protection against wear
  • RF=100 means that the engine has completed the complete revitalization cycle as a result of using the product

Instructions for use:

  • Metal conditioner with Revitlizant is suitable for petrol, gas (LPG) and diesel engines of cars and small trucks with an oil system volume up to 10 l.
  • Compatible with all types of motor oils
  • revitalization runs during the 1000-1500 km mileage; Oil change is not recommended during this period.
  • Reapplication of XADO Maximum 1 Stage is recommended after 100 000 km mileage.
  • To maintain the highest level of engine protection, use XADO Atomic Oil or XADO HighWay Metal Conditioner engine oil with every oil change.

Metal conditioner is added once to the engine oil, starting from 1 bottle (225 ml) to 4-6 L engine oil.

Technology and Certificates


The 3-component additive package enables worn parts to be rebuilt and at the same time protects against future wear. The revitalizant forms a new surface coating, restoring worn work surfaces and compensating for current wear. The metal conditioner strengthens the sliding film and harmonises perfectly with the revitalizant. In addition, the 2D sliding agent ensures ultra-light gliding between the engine parts.

3G поколение

The 3. Generation of the Revitalizant is characterized by an optimized number of activated and revitalizing nanoparticles, which form the basis of the surface coating with protective properties and regenerative ability.


Bottle in a cardboard box 225 ml, art XA 43211

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