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XADO Engine Flush Total Flush - Active engine cleaner for the oil system - Atomex

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Total Flush engine flush - active engine cleaner for the oil system and to loosen stuck piston rings


The XADO Total Flush engine flush / oil flush is an active engine cleaner that can also loosen piston rings that are stuck.

If the piston rings are defective or stuck there are the following symptoms:

The engine compression drops, which reduces the power of the engine.

The oil consumption increases or the oil burns between the piston and cylinder liner and is the cause of smoke/fume from the exhaust system.

Fuel consumption increases and wear increases.



The XADO Total Flush engine flush offers a thorough and quick cleaning of the oil system  

  • Decokes stuck piston rings and restores their mobility - restoration of the engine compression to the original setpoint values
  • Suitable for all engine types, including engines with turbochargers or superchargers
  • The revitalizant contained in the product also creates a wear protection reserve

Oil changes without first cleaning the oil system do not remove stubborn dirt in the engine oil circuit and lead to more and more encrustations and deposits in the long term.

The solution: Effective cleaning of the oil system before changing the oil.

Driving with fuel of inferior quality, short daily journeys, city driving in start/stop mode, lengthy engine idling phases such as those occurring in a traffic jam (engine overheating) lead to coking of the piston rings and reduced mobility.[ _0127_5_0] This also results in a not insignificant increase in fuel consumption and increased smoke development in the exhaust system.

The solution: decoking the piston rings with the engine cleaner Total Flush!


Detailed specifications


Special properties:

  • Cleans the oil system thoroughly and quickly from all deposits and encrustations
  • Frees the piston rings and piston ring grooves from coking and other deposits
  • Uncooks the stuck oil scraper and compression rings and restores their mobility
  • Cleans the ventilation system of the crankcase
  • Removes deposits on the hydraulic lifters
  • Suitable for all petrol, LPG and diesel engines


Pour the agent into the oil filler opening of the engine that has been brought up to operating temperature.

Driving 150-200 km in normal operation.

If used regularly, only 10-15 minutes at idle or drive 20 km.

Note: the solution is compatible with all vehicle combustion engines.


250 ml cleaning agent to 4-5L engine oil.


Bottle 250 ml, plastic XA 40613_1

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