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XADO Oil Loss Stop - Stop Leak Engine Motor Oil Sealant - Atomex

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Oil Leak Sealant - Stops the loss of engine oil through defective engine seals.

For porous seals (e.g. cylinder head gasket / valve cover gasket etc.) This agent seals effectively in the engine and prevents further oil loss. Highly efficient product of the latest Nano generation to eliminate small oil leaks in the engine oil circuit. Contains special components that restore the flexibility of engine seals, restoring contact of the seal to the metal and preventing oil from leaking further.

  • Stops small (up to 0.9mm in size) engine leaks and oil leaks and prevents them from happening again
  • Restores the flexibility of rubber compressors and stuffing boxes
  • Improves compressor to metal contact
  • Helps avoid expensive repairs
  • Can be used universally for petrol and diesel engines in vehicles and other systems

Intensive and prolonged operation of the engine can lead to the development of oil leakage in the compressor of the crankshaft, which is caused by the loss of flexibility of the compression materials.

Solution: AtomEx Stop Leak Motor can restore the flexibility of compression materials and effectively stop small oil leakage.

Detailed specifications


The product is to be mixed with the warm motor oil. The compression effect occurs after 300-500 km of mileage. Can be used universally for all engine types (vehicles and stationary systems, motor boats, motorcycles, etc.). Harmless to turbocharged engines. Is compatible with all types of motor oils.



1 bottle (250 ml) of the agent is sufficient for small engines - do not use more than 10% of the oil volume.


Alu-Bleach dose 250 ml, Art XA

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