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XADO Injector Cleaner - Multi Cleaner Diesel - Fuel System Cleaner - Atomex

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Multi Cleaner Diesel - injectors and fuel system cleaner 

  • Additives for injector and fuel system cleaning
  • Represents a full-fledged alternative to professional cleaning of injectors
  • Ensures trouble-free operation of the fuel pump 
  • Ensures reliable protection of the entire fuel system

With everyday operation of the vehicle and the use of inferior fuel, deposits inevitably form in the fuel system. These deposits reduce engine performance, increase fuel consumption, increase exhaust toxicity, increase the risk of detonation and cause vibrations.

The solution: regular cleaning of the fuel system.

Any water ingress or refueling with unclean fuel can cause the high-pressure pump to collapse (“seizing”).

The solution: the revitalizant contained in the cleaning agent reliably protects the components of the fuel system and the pump, as well as the plungers against wear.

Detailed specifications


Multi Cleaner Diesel injector cleaner:

  • Quickly and reliably removes all deposits and dirt
  • cleans injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers to the level of technical cleanliness
  • restores the performance of the engine and its parameters to the set values
  • promotes the reduction of fuel consumption
  • displaces moisture from the fuel system
  • reduces the content of pollutants in the exhaust gases

Das Revitalizant im Multi Cleaner Diesel:

  • forms a solid anti-wear coating on the friction surfaces during fuel system operation
  • restores pump delivery to target values and improves fuel injection
  • protects the pump plunger when using inferior fuel
  • increases the operational reliability and the service life of the system elements

Common rail and unit injector fuel systems tested.


Pour the cleaning agent into the fuel tank before refueling.


The solution is compatible with all brands of diesel fuel, harmless to diesel particulate filters, catalytic converters and valves.

It is recommended to use the cleaning agent after every 5,000 km of driving.


250 ml cleaning agent for 40-60 L fuel.


Bottle 250 ml, art XA 40113_1

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