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XADO Complex Oil Treatment - anti smoke hydraulic tappet additive oil thickener - Atomex

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XADO Complex Oil Treatment - anti-smoke hydraulic valve lifter additive oil thickener - AtomEx

A fully synthetic product that uses a polymer thickener to increase oil viscosity. Contains REVITALIZANT®. These are additives which are compatible with all motor oils. Harmless to turbochargers. The additive is used for both gasoline and diesel engines.

  • Increases the pressure in the lubricating oil system
  • Reduces oil consumption through combustion and smoke formation in the engine
  • Increases oil viscosity
  • Prevents future engine wear
  • Effective for internal combustion engines that have a significant wear rate

Detailed specifications


Pour the preheated agent into the oil filler hole of the warmed up engine. Let the engine idle for 2-3 minutes. Drive the car in normal operation. It is recommended to use the product only once during the whole period of oil use.



1 tin can (250 ml) for 4-5 L engine oil.


Alu-Bleach dose 250 ml, art XA

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