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XADO Transmission Wear Protection Oil Additive - AMC Revitalizant 1 Stage for manual transmissions

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XADO Transmission Wear Protection Oil Additive - AMC Revitalizant 1 Stage for manual transmissions 

Gel-Revitalizant 1 Stage Transmission Additive Package - an innovative product of the third generation of XADO Revitalizants intended for revitalization - restorative repair, protection against wear and tear and prolongation of the service life of assemblies and units of mechanical transmissions of a vehicle: for mechanical and automated manual transmissions, transfer cases and differentials. Many years of research in the field of tribology and application of XADO revitalizants have allowed to create a new product with optimal size and concentration of activated revitalizant nanoparticles.

Thanks to the new nanoparticle activation technology, 1 Stage Transmission Revitalizant acts as a catalyst for high-speed modification and self-regulating growth of the worn surface. This is a patented solution that will extend the life of your vehicle and make its operation more convenient and reliable.

  • Restores, protects and strengthens friction surfaces
  • Forms a metal-ceramic coating with unique properties on the surfaces of gears and bearings
  • Eliminates cavities and seizures on work surfaces
  • Optimizes contact patterns in the gearing
  • Reduces assembly noise and vibration
  • Increases gear shift accuracy
  • Improves the operation of the synchronization facilities
  • Ensures fuel savings
  • Protects the power unit in extreme modes (in case of accidental oil loss)
  • Ensures optimal conditions for running in a new mechanism

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