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XADO additive engine wear protection oil additive reduce oil consumption with oil consumption causes

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Oil consumption in the engine can have many causes. In the event of wear-related oil consumption between the cylinder liner and the piston rings, so-called burn oil

our XADO additive is able to reduce oil consumption or even stop it completely. It builds up a metal-ceramic protective layer and thus also restores the engine compression. We call the build-up of this metal-ceramic on the already worn metal surfaces revitalization. Our product is particularly effective with a piston tilter which causes the piston to tilt back and forth due to excessive wear. This product is not a classic engine oil loss stop but an active oil additive for the engine oil. This product has proven to be particularly effective with the AUDI VW TFSI problem.

But how do these additives work and how can they compensate for wear?

>>> V I D E O    D E R    F U N K T I O N S W E I S E <<<

The XADO Revitalizant causes a chemical reaction to take place in which the atoms of the agent combine with the metal atoms of the surfaces in the engine, which generate certain temperatures and pressures due to friction. Only there does the formation of the new surface layer take place and only in the micrometer range.

The product does not clog anything, goes through the oil filter and does not change the viscosity of the engine oil. It is compatible with all petrol/diesel combustion engines and can therefore also be used with modern catalytic converters DPF diesel particulate filters without hesitation.

Revitalizing gel for engines XADO 1 Stage.

The product is used for restorative maintenance of vehicle engines without their disassembly and for their effective protection against wear.

XADO 1 Stage Revitalizing Gel is the most effective product in the Revitalizants series.

It is characterized by fast action (revitalization takes place within 1,000 km of mileage), versatile application (petrol and diesel engines) and easy handling.

  • Restores friction surfaces, protects and strengthens engine parts
  • Increases and equalizes the compression in the cylinders
  • Increases engine performance and driving dynamics
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Increases the oil pressure in the engine's lubrication system to the standard values
  • Extends parts life
  • Protects the engine against the negative consequences of a cold start
  • Reduces noise levels and vibrations

Based on the information obtained as a result of using the product

Detailed specifications


  1. Pour the contents into the oil filler neck of the engine brought up to operating temperature
  2. Start the engine and let it idle for approx. Let run 3-5 minutes


Caution! Not intended for use in internal combustion engines with a special hardening coating on the cylinders (ALUSIL, LOKASIL, NIKASIL, GALNIKAL) because the material required to form a stable metal-ceramic layer is missing.


  • XADO 1 Stage Revitalizant for engines is suitable for petrol, gas (LPG) and diesel engines of cars and small trucks with an oil system volume up to 10 l.
  • The processing is considered completed after at least 1500 km mileage.
  • Do not change oil before machining is complete.
  • Compatible with all types of motor oils, does not change their viscosity, physical-chemical and operational properties.
  • Repeated application may be necessary for heavily worn engines.

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