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Vibrations during engine operation

Vibrations during engine operation can arise for various reasons, including fouling of the injectors, absence of spark in the cylinder, fluctuations in compression in the cylinders, sticking (coke deposits) of the piston rings, wear of engine bearings or clutch discs.



Engine misfire (Fuel System Malfunction). Probable cause: contamination of the injectors. We recommend MaxiFlush – Concentrated cleaner for the fuel system (petrol).

Engine misfire (one of the cylinders does not work stably). Probable cause: absence of spark in the cylinder (fault in the electrical circuit). We recommend ensuring trouble-free operation of the spark plug.

Unstable engine operation due to fluctuations in compression in the cylinders, jamming (coking) of piston rings. Decarbonization of the piston rings.

Suggested products:

Behandlung des Motors mit dem Revitalizant®.

Suggested products:

Wear of engine bearings.

We recommend changing the engine mounts.

Wear of the clutch discs. Vibration is felt when starting and picking up speed (wheel slip). We recommend repairing the clutch and changing the worn components.

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