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Poor gear shift

Difficult gear shifting in mechanical transmissions can be caused by various reasons.


Reasons / Recommendations

  1. Wear of synchronizers.

    In cars with a high mileage over time, the conical contact surfaces of the synchronizers and the opposite conical surfaces of the corresponding gears wear out, which ultimately leads to problems during gear shifting. Adding the Revitalizant® to the unit restores or reduces the proper friction of cone-shaped components. their further wear is stopped if they are in a critical state.

  2. Wear/break off of shift fork

    Change the worn components.

  3. Gear shift adjustment is required.

    Adjust the gear shift.

  4. Clutch actuation adjustment is required.

    Adjust the clutch actuation.


Experience shows that the use of metal conditioners in transmission components enables a reduction in operating noise and fuel consumption (especially in four-wheel drive vehicles).

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