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Gear oil leakage

Gearbox oiling is observed more often in cars with high mileage, which are intensively operated in hot season. It is not uncommon for oil to appear at the junction of the gearbox and engine as well as at the clutch. Sometimes the cause of oil leakage from the unit (including from the engine) is a malfunction in the ventilation system. For this reason, the housing ventilation must first be checked and, if necessary, to clean.

The most common reason for oiling of aggregates is the loss of elasticity of the filling seals or inserts due to aging due to the period of use and high temperatures. The seals dry up and thus do not lean against the parts tightly.

The tightness of the mechanism can be restored with the help of an oil additive, the active components of which are special softeners. Under the action of softening agents, the material from which the seal is made swells and thus leans closer to the surface.



Means for eliminating oil leaks from mechanical transmissions:

  • Atomex Sealer Transmission

The agent can be used for any type of mechanical transmission: manual transmission, transfer case, axle (differential).

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