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Noise in manual transmission

Noise in the manual transmission of a car with mileage.

If you actuate the clutch while the engine is idling and you still notice the noises in the gearbox, you have to change the release bearing. If the noises in the gearbox have reduced, they were probably caused by wear of the working surfaces of the bearings or gears.

If you use the Revitalizant®, you can restore the worn surfaces, which reduces the noise in the gearbox.

  • Noise in the manual gearbox of the new car

A feature of some manual transmissions is initially noisy operation. Sometimes the noise goes away over time and the transmission components break in. If the noise persists, it is mostly caused by imprecisely manufactured gears with change of mesh and shafts or by insufficiently precise assembly. If the teeth grip the opposite side very tightly, they deform and this results in noise.

If the change in engagement is not too intense, it is possible to effectively reduce the noise in such transmissions with the Revitalizant®.


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