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Cuff set is torn

In order to avoid tearing of the cuff set, it is necessary to visually inspect the cuff sets regularly. When the cracks or Microcracks, it is necessary to change the set of cuffs before destroying them. It more often affects old vehicles because the rubber material coarsens and tears over time. If the set of cuffs is torn, it should be replaced.

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If the boot set has torn relatively recently without affecting the constant velocity joint itself, the assembly should be disassembled and cleaned of old grease. Then fill the assembly with XADO Lifetime Constant Velocity Lubricant. After that, install the constant velocity joint with the new boot set.

Is the set of cuffs torn a long time ago and also dirty, what to accelerate wear? of the components and to crackling when the car is turned, the usual lubricant must be changed to XADO repair lubricant - and this until the defect is eliminated. To read: "Crackle of the constant velocity joint".

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