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Weak engine oil pressure

This is indicated to you by the oil warning light flashing or lighting up after the engine has been fully preheated.

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Reasons / Recommendations

  1. Increased air gap between crankshaft journals and shells.

    The lubricating oil system can be attributed to the ucritical air gap between the crankshaft journals, shells and oil pump parts and the oil warning light flashing or illuminating during engine operation at idle Atomex Complex Oil Treatment – add the anti-smoke additive with Revitalizant®. Also, one should consider the lubricating oil system STEAL VitaFlush – Add oil system cleaner, based on 100 ml per 1 L engine oil, then drive 700-1,000 km. Please change the oil after this time and if necessary reintroduce one of the above-mentioned means to temporarily increase the oil pressure until the wear on the parts has been eliminated by XADO Revitalizant®. Next, the engine should be completely processed with XADO Revitalizant® to restore the worn shells and crankshaft journals and thus normalize the oil pressure: XADO Gel-Revitalizant® (according to engine type: for Diesel- or The petrol engine); XADO Revitalizant® EX120 (by engine type: for Diesel- or The petrol engine); STEAL 1 Stage, STEAL AMC Maximum. After complete processing and 4,000-5,000 km of mileage, the non-critical wear of shells, crankshaft journals and oil pump parts is completely evened out, which also normalizes the pressure.

  2. Dilution of the oil by fuel or coolant.

    If the engine oil is diluted by fuel due to the malfunction of the injector or injector nozzle, so that the oil warning light starts flashing at idle, we recommend adding one of the following agents to the diluted oil: Atomex Complex Oil Treatment – Anti-Rauch Additive with Revitalizant®. At the same time add to the fuel tank one of the following fuel system cleaners depending on the type of engine (diesel or petrol): Verylube Complex fuel system cleaner (diesel or petrol); Verylube fuel system cleaner (diesel or petrol); Atomex F8 Complex Formula (diesel or petrol); Atomex Multi Cleaner (diesel or petrol). After the fuel with the cleaner has been completely used up, add the XADO Revitalizant® EX120 for all types of fuel injection devices, XADO Revitalizant® EX120 for diesel engines, or XADO Gel-Revitalizant® for high-pressure pumps to the fuel before refuelling. Cleaning and processing the fuel system with one of the XADO Revitalizant® solutions allows to restore the normal operation of injectors and injectors, as well as eliminate the penetration of large amounts of fuel into the engine oil. If the fuel is diluted by coolant, the engine must be dismantled and repaired.

  3. Insufficient oil level in the lubrication system.

    If the oil level is not sufficient, it must be topped up to a sufficient level.

  4. High resistance of the oil filter.

    If the pressure is reduced by the high resistance of the oil filter, use an oil filter of the recommended model.

  5. Oil pressure sensor failure.

    If the oil pressure sensor is broken, it must be replaced.

  6. Jamming of the pressure control valve in the lubrication system.

    If the pressure control valve is stuck, it must be replaced.


If the injectors in petrol engines are excessively dirty, we recommend using the effective cleaner XADO for additional rinsing MaxiFlush to be used as a flushing liquid for standstill flushing or as an additive to the fuel in order to be able to flush the injectors during operation.

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