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Overheating of the engine (jamming of the piston rings)

Any car can experience overheating. This problem is especially relevant on very hot days, especially when you are stuck in traffic. The overheating can cause the cylinder head to deform or the piston to seize in the cylinder.


Reasons / Recommendations

  1. Insufficient amount of coolant in the cooling system due to leaks in the cooling system due to leaks in the connecting hoses, gaskets or cracks in the radiator. To be able to eliminate cracks and damage up to 0.9 mm in size, use Verylube Stop-Leck for car radiators or AtomEx stop leak for car radiators.
  2. Inefficient cooling performance of the radiator due to external (dust, poplar wool, etc.) as well as internal contamination (sludge, deposits in the cooler, next to the fan sensor and significant deposits in the cavities of the cooling system) of the cooler, as well as from relaxation of the belt drive of the fan or the pump.

    Use VERYLUBE engine compartment cleaner to remove external dirt. Internal dirt should be flushed with Jet 100 Radiator Flush - flushing additive for engine radiators. In order to increase the service life To reduce wear, the belt drives of the fan or the pump with VERYLUBE V-belt spray.

  3. Long-term operation of the engine in conditions of knocking, glow ignition due to poor quality fuel, fouling of injectors, a lot of deposits in the combustion chamber.

    In order to eliminate the consequences of poor quality fuel and improve fuel properties, you should add the appropriate means to the fuel:

    • Atomex F8 Complex Formula (Gasoline) This agent protects the engine against the consequences of using poor quality fuel.
    • Verylube Gasoline Euro+ – Additive to improve fuel quality.

    To restore normal injector operation, add one of the following to the fuel:

    • MaxiFlush XADO Complex high-efficiency agent for cleaning petrol engines.
    • Atomex MultiCleaner (Benzin) Highly efficient fuel system cleaner.
    • VERYLUBE injector cleaner – agent for cleaning the injection system in petrol engines.

    Removal of significant carbon deposits – VERYLUBE Anticarbon or AtomEx TotalFlush – oil system cleaner with the effect of decarbonizing piston rings in petrol and diesel engines. The agent is to be added directly to the engine cylinder. After decarbonization with VERYLUBE Anticarbon for engines, change the oil.

  4. High resistance of the oil filter.

    If the pressure is reduced due to the high resistance of the oil filter, replace it with a suitable oil filter. Severe operating conditions, slow speed towing mode.

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