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Engine operation problems after refueling with fuel of poor quality

Can a few liters of poor quality fuel damage the engine? Yes, that's entirely possible. Boot-up malfunctions and misfires are not the worst of things. In some cases, coked piston rings, worn honing, bent valves, catastrophic wear of sealing rings, inextricably clogged oil reservoirs, and strange substances instead of the usual engine oil, which has a viscosity more like grease, can result as a result.

Probleme im Motorbetrieb nach Tanken mit nicht qualitätsgerechtem Kraftstoff

Fuel containing resins, unspecified hydrocarbons, as well as benzene, xylene, toluene is especially dangerous. Such "gasoline" does not burn completely in the engine, as a result of which pollution is formed. This contamination penetrates into the crankcase and very quickly renders all the additives present in the engine oil ineffective there, making the consistency of the oil unsuitable for the engine. Such "engine oil" cannot lubricate the engine at high temperatures, and at low temperatures it disables the engine. If you fill up the car with such a fuel substitute even once, the engine can be destroyed after a few hundred kilometers. In order to reduce the probability of the negative consequences of refueling with poor-quality fuel, it is possible to increase the fuel's flushing properties and other properties by adding special additives before refuelling. These additives ensure complete fuel burning and lower levels of resin contamination by acting as a solvent on the contaminants and preventing them from coagulating. If bad fuel enters the engine, immediately flush the fuel system and oil system and change the oil yourself.


  • To reduce the negative consequences of poor-quality fuel, use the following remedy:

    Atomex Multi Cleaner (Benzin) - Gasoline engine fuel system cleaner.

  • Oil system flush:

    Reiniger STEAL VitaFlush or Atomex TotalFlush.

  • Flushing for the fuel system:

    Verylube fuel system cleaner for Petrol- and diesel engines.

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