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The engine has been overhauled

Many internal combustion engines perform worse than a new engine after the overhaul. The accuracy of adjustment of all sizes and the machining cleanliness of all surfaces of crankshafts and cylinders is lower than before. Therefore, the break-in conditions of these internal combustion engines are more severe. At least during the first 3,000-4,000 km of mileage, they should not be heavily loaded. As a rule, the initial break-in of the engine after the overhaul takes 2,000-3,000 km, and the final adjustment of the components takes place during 10,000-15,000 km of mileage. The existing idea that the cheapest, i.e. the lowest quality, oil can be used during the initial engine break-in (1,500-2,000 km) is completely wrong. It is precisely during running-in that the components are most stressed, because their surfaces only come into contact with peaks of microscopic roughness, which remain forever after mechanical treatment.

Der Motor wurde überholt


After using Gel-Revitalizant® for engines on overhauled engines, no careful running-in is necessary and it allows the components to be ideally adapted using the engine oil recommended by the manufacturer throughout the entire service life. The XADO Gel-Revitalizant® for engines enables the ideal adjustment of the reused components. The running-in time is at least twice as long, and there is no need to change the engine oil after the first running-in, because the metal shavings that accumulate in the oil form a metal-ceramic layer on the friction surfaces and quickly create optimal joint play between the components. The treatment of the engine with the XADO Gel-Revitalizant® is particularly effective when parts of the components (pistons, piston rings and inserts) are changed without cylinder bores and grinding of the crankshaft journals. In this case, treating the engine with XADO Gel-Revitalizant® allows to restore the working surfaces of the cylinders and crankshaft journals, some of which have been worn, and to match the components that are put back exactly to those that were not replaced during the repair.


  • The Gel-Revitalizant® for cylinders is recommended as an additional tool for restoring the work surfaces when replacing engine components (pistons, piston rings and inserts) without cylinder bore and grinding of the crankshaft journals. It is applied thinly to the partially worn cylinder surfaces before the pistons are used during engine assembly. The Revitalizant® removes partial wear from the cylinder surfaces in the shortest possible time.
  • XADO Gel-Revitalizant® for Gasoline Engines or Atomic Metal Conditioner with Revitalizant® XADO АМС Maximum are recommended for full treatment of all gasoline engines immediately after starting the overhauled engine if there are no assembly errors.
  • XADO Gel-Revitalizant® for Diesel Engines or Atomic Metal Conditioner XADO АМС Maximum are recommended for complete treatment of all diesel engines immediately after starting the overhauled engine if there are no assembly errors.
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