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Oil consumption by the turbo - turbocharger consumes oil

Long-term operation of a turbo engine with poor-quality oil, engine overheating, improper operation of the car, long-term consumption of oil that violates the oil manufacturer's consumption regulations - all this can often lead to excessive oil consumption by the turbo-compressor.

Ölverbrauch durch Turbine

The XADO AMC Twin Turbo is an anti-wear additive for high-performance and otherwise heavily stressed combustion engines.

Do you need that?

Unfortunately, the misconception that "good oil" and "short" change intervals are sufficient for the longest possible engine life still circulates. Shorter oil change intervals are good, but even the best motor oil is not able to stop the inexorable process of wear caused by friction. As soon as the engine is started for the first time, wear and tear begins as the metal surfaces rub against each other.

The XADO Revitalizant, which is particularly highly concentrated in our TwinTurbo product, rebuilds worn metal surfaces by forming a metal-ceramic surface layer. The formation of this metal-ceramic surface layer is a physico-chemical process in which special silicate atoms combine with the metal atoms of the friction surfaces, creating a completely new surface. This new metal-ceramic surface is not only harder than the original metal alloy of the engine parts, but also has a significantly lower roughness, which leads to less wear and lower working temperatures.

The build-up process of the metal-ceramic surface layer only takes place at those points where high temperatures and pressures occur due to friction.

Suitable for all combustion engines with an engine oil volume of 3-10L



Main reasons / recommendations

  1. The most common cause of oil consumption by the turbo is the wear of the bearings and the seals (sealing rings) of the turbo.

    Treatment of Motors with Revitalizant®:

    The restoration effect can be observed in turbo plain bearings (restoration of original air gaps, provided wear is not critical). The impeller and the turbo blades are not affected by the solution.

  2. Both the contamination of the oil system and the use of poor-quality oil can also lead to wear of the turbo plain bearings.
    • Before treating the engine with the XADO AMC Twin Turbo, flush the engine's oil system with the XADO oil system cleaner AtomEx Total Flush.
    • The oil and the oil filter must be changed.


It is advisable not to switch off the turbo engine immediately after stopping. The oil cokes on the turbocompressor supports, which can lead to wear during further operation. If the engine is not equipped with a turbo timer, we recommend installing one.

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