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New car

Running a new car starts with breaking in. All components that are in contact with each other, regardless of the technologies used in their manufacture, must be adapted, i.e. they must be run in or to run in The service life of the car depends in many respects on the care taken during running-in. Ignoring this condemns the engine, with its large number of precision moving parts, to operate under increased loads, outside of its maximum efficiency range, which both affects service life and leads to excessive fuel and fuel consumption. leads to oil consumption.



Protecting the engine components of a new car against wear and adjusting them precisely during break-in - atomic metal conditioner New Car with the 1 Stage Revitalizant®, which is added to the engine oil.


Experience shows that the life of an improperly run-in engine is only 30% of the life of a properly run-in engine.

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