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Seasonal storage of car tires

Proper storage of car tires guarantees their further flawless and long-term operation. The tires should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight, otherwise cracking and loss of elasticity may occur. Immediately before storage, it is necessary to clean the tire from dust and dirt, as well as to apply a protective layer of lubricant to its outside. After that, the tire is to be placed and stored in plastic foil.

If you store the tire separately from the disc, the tire should be stored in the upright position. That. 1. The tire should be turned once a month.

Store the tires complete with the discs so it is possible to stack or hang them.

Jahreszeitliche Lagerung von Autoreifen


The tire outer surfaces are covered with VERYLUBE Silicone Lubricant to treat.

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