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insect tracks

The traces of insects that usually appear on the front part of the body during long journeys in summertime are difficult to remove with conventional detergents used in hand washing and non-touch washing processes.

It is important to know that the traces of insects must be removed immediately after driving, otherwise the paint coating will be damaged. The bodies of insects contain certain acids that can seriously damage the paint finish, plastic and chrome parts of the body. The old insect marks on the bumper, hood and body in general cannot be completely removed even if you use high quality chemicals. Such marks can only be removed by abrasive polishing of the body, if the damaged top layer is completely removed.



This problem can easily be eliminated with the concentrated VERYLUBE insect remover.

The 20.0 ml pack of VERYLUBE insect remover should be added to the windscreen washer container in order to be able to effectively remove traces of insects on the windscreen.

Practical Advice

Usually car wash employees will offer to wipe away the insect tracks for an additional fee. Therefore, before you visit a car wash, treat the soiled areas with a cleaner. This makes it possible to remove the insect tracks without additional payments.

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