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Rims are difficult to clean

Brake dust, road dirt and salt mixtures in winter are the things that prevent the cast rims and the car as a whole from retaining their chic and individuality. Therefore, regular and careful care (every 2 weeks) is necessary not only for car bodies but also for chrome-plated rims. Many rim cleaners manufactured today are known to contain harsh components that make cleaning easier and cause irreversible corrosion on rim surfaces in less time. Such corrosion is difficult to eliminate. As a result: obligatory replacement of expensive rims every six months.



In order to avoid such unforeseeable costs, it is recommended to use the following means:

The two cleaners ensure not only careful care and lasting protection against aggressive factors on the way, but also the removal of old dirt stains. The rims will shine like new again, and that gives your car individual charm.

Annotation: There is no need to remind you of some simple but important advice on caring for cast rims:

  • Rim cleaners with aggressive components damage the brake cover plates, high-pressure hoses of the brake system, wheel bolts and wheel bolts.
  • Cleaning should not be done with wheel rims that have been heated in the sun, as this leads to the cleaning agent drying and the formation of stains by the end of the rinsing.
  • Both the outer and inner surfaces of the rims must be cleaned.
  • Use clean sponges and soft brushes to clean your rims and avoid making new damage.
  • Do not expose the rims to high-pressure steam using a high-pressure cleaner: the rims will lose their shine.
  • Do not exceed the time recommended by the cleaner manufacturers for applying these cleaners to wheel rim surfaces.
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