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Increased gas pressure in the crankcase

Smoke comes through the dipstick, it is squeezed out, the oil penetrates into the ventilation system socket due to the increased gas pressure in the crankcase. Reasons for this can be contamination of the crankcase ventilation, wear of the cylinder-piston group, coked piston rings or leaking valves.

Erhöhter Gasdruck im Kurbelgehäuse


If the valves are leaking, they must be replaced. In other cases, so that the exhaust gases do not exert pressure in the space above the crankcase, the problem can be eliminated with appropriate solutions.

Cleaning the ventilation system: VitaFlush - Oil system cleaner (universal) or TotalFlush - Oil system cleaner for engines as an additive for engine oil (200-1,000 km mileage).

For decarbonization of piston rings: Anticarbon - agent for decarbonization of piston rings, MaxiFlush - Cleaner for removing hard-to-dissolve dirt from engine systems. These agents are to be added to the cylinder-piston group through the spark plug bosses.

Removal of wear of the cylinder-piston group:

All agents are to be added to the engine oil.

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