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The engine smokes - smoke

If you pay attention to the coloring of the exhaust gases, you can establish a preliminary diagnosis of car defects:

  • The exhaust is blue.
    Probable causes: wear of the cylinder-piston group of the engine, valves, valve guides, scraper seals, coking of the piston rings, wear of bearings or compressions in turbocharged engines, lack of spark in one of the cylinders (malfunctions in the electrical circuit).
  • The exhaust is white.
    Probable causes: the condensate in the engine and exhaust system, defects in the cooling system. Minor smoke when starting a cold engine (especially in cold weather) is considered normal. If the engine smokes even after it has warmed up to operating temperature, contact your car workshop.
  • The exhaust is black.
    Probable causes: Defects in the fuel system. Contact your car workshop.


Decarburization of Piston Rings: Enter STEAL AtomEx Total Flush - for decarbonization of the piston rings which approx. 150-200 km before the oil change is filled into the engine oil.

Increase in oil viscosity: Atomex Complex Oil Treatment – Anti-Rauch Additive with Revitalizant®.

Treatment of Motors with Revitalizant®: Atomarer Metal conditioner Maximum with 1 Stage Revitalizant® or 1 Stage Revitalizant® for petrol and diesel engines.

Applying Revitalizant® to engines eliminates surface defects on cylinder liners and restores component geometry, which leads to increased compression, tightening of gaps, reduced oil consumption and smoke density.

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