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The windows fog up when it rains

Often in the rain or cold weather inside a car you can observe such an unpleasant phenomenon as fogging of the glass panes. It occurs because of the temperature difference inside the car and outside. The fogging of the glass significantly reduces visibility and can even lead to a breakdown. You can solve this problem by turning on the air conditioning or directing a flow of cold air onto the windows. One of the causes of fogging of the glass panes is often dirt in the air filter.

A special agent applied to the inside of the lenses can be used to prevent fogging. The agent prevents the condensation of moisture on the car glass.

Beschlagen der Glasscheiben beim Regen


  • Spray a small amount of Antifog – Glass pane anti-fogging agent on the inside of the glass pane, wipe the pane with a soft cloth
  • If the filter is dirty, it should be replaced.
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