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Difficulty starting (petrol engine)

There are different reasons for the difficulty in starting the engine, especially in the cold. These are usually the ones that occur due to poor flammability of the fuel-air mixture and/or heavy turning of the cardan shaft using a starting device.

Until the cause of the defect is precisely identified and eliminated, you can use the agent for easy engine starting. The means contains the special components facilitating flammability. To start a petrol engine, you need to inject a little of the spray into the air filter or priming air plenum.


Quick START - Means for quick engine start


In order to make it easier for you to start the engine in the cold season, it is recommended to take the following measures before starting winter operation:

  • fuel system with Multi Cleaner (Gasoline) - Clean fuel system cleaner for petrol engines
  • To use low-viscosity motor oil at low temperatures: SAE 0W-30(40), 5W-30(40). The smaller the number in front of the W symbol, the better the engine oil properties at low temperatures. This means that the cardan shaft can rotate more easily when the engine is started, and the oil reaches all lubrication points more quickly.
  • The high voltage cables and spark plug contacts are coated with the universal spray lubricant VERYLUBE silicone lubricant to treat.
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