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Bad looking tires, protection against cracking

All tires wear out over time. Wear is noticeable when the rubber pad is too hard and it can be seen visually when there are small cracks on the tire surfaces. If the rubber becomes harder, the grip properties of the tire also change.

Reasons for cracking: poor rubber, improper storage of tires, exposure to exhaust fumes, ozone and solar radiation, frequent overheating, humidity, untimely tire maintenance, driving with insufficiently inflated tires, overloading the vehicle.

Another reason for cracking is the infrequent operation of the car. If tires are not subjected to the natural process of contraction-expansion, the special solutions designed for tire protection become ineffective, which can increase the likelihood of cracking. The use of special tire care products allows you to increase their service life, restore the attractive appearance of tires (the black shine of "wet tires"), make the tire surfaces more resistant to all types of dirt and thus protect the tires against cracking, discoloration and exposure to various atmospheric phenomena.



Application Notes

With regular treatment of tire surfaces, they become softer and more elastic.

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