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Condensation under the tank cap

Condensation occurs on the inner surfaces of the fuel cap when the car is parked in a warm room with a small amount of fuel in the tank. The less fuel in the tank and the greater the temperature difference in the garage and outside, the more water will condense in the tank. The water can also enter the tank along with the fuel.

Over time, the water mixes with the fuel and this causes the fuel pump and spark plugs to malfunction. Diesel engines and engines with injector fuel injection systems are particularly prone to this problem. Condensation in diesel engines causes the fuel hoses and the fine filter to freeze in winter.

Unstable engine operation: revolutions are variable, the engine runs jerkily, especially on the trip road when the fuel tank is not full.

It is possible to remove water from the tank with the help of special means for dehumidification.



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